Modern’s Wildlife Cleanup & Restoration Services:

  • Wildlife RemovalAttic damage
  • Seal Entry Points
  • Clean Affected Areas
  • Remove Droppings
  • Replace Heavily Soiled Insulation (As Needed)
  • Apply Environmentally Friendly Biological Cleaner

Nuisance wildlife can really be a nuisance!

Attic pest control and removal services are important as wildlife can often cause damage to your home or business as well as leave a big mess. Animals that enter through your attic leave waste deposits behind, including urine, feces, fur, body oils, nesting material, food and more. This can create an odor problem inside your home, causing unsanitary conditions or even a biohazard. Many animal droppings can cause human diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Rickettsia virus, or even roundworm infection. Droppings can grow mold, leading to lung infections such as Histoplasmosis. This is particularly true with large accumulations of droppings from birds or bats. Wild animals can also bring in parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites and more. When an animal leaves its scent in an attic, it can actually attract other wildlife. Big animals may try to break in if they smell the scent of mice, rats or rodents. That’s why at Modern we focus on more than just trapping and removal. We clean up! Our attic restoration services include removing waste and applying a decontamination spray or conducting a full insulation removal and replacement in cases where very heavy soilage is found.

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A Modern Wildlife professional will remove all of the animals from your home and seal off entry points, cleaning affected areas. Modern will remove all of the debris and the heavily soiled insulation, remove all of the large droppings by hand and vacuum up the small droppings. We will also spray the attic with an environmentally friendly biological cleaner that makes use of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to break down and digest any and all organic and biological waste, and disintegrate it and render it inert. This eliminates the biohazard in your attic, destroys the smell, and eliminates the odors that can attract new animals to your home. Proper cleanup is a very important part of the wildlife control process, both for prevention and your health.

Repairing Damage Caused by Wildlife

Attic Repairman working in atticWildlife damage repairs are a vital part of Modern Wildlife Control. Many people don’t realize just how vital this step is. If you have animals in your home – such as rats in the walls, bats in the attic, squirrels in the eaves, it is because they managed to enter through unsealed openings. It may be an existing hole or the animal may have clawed/torn/chewed a new hole of its own. The point is that the animal wanted to live in your attic, so it found a way in. Now the only way to permanently solve your problem is to make sure that these holes are found and sealed shut!

When animals live in your house, they’re not there all the time. They’re just using your attic for shelter, leaving only to find food and water. If you’ve got squirrels, for example, they’ll sleep in your attic at night, then rise early in the morning and go outside to forage for food. They’ll often make several trips in and out of your attic each day. If you’ve got raccoons, they’ll sleep in your attic during the daytime (often it’s a female raccoon nursing its young) and then at night, they’ll emerge to go forage for food. Rats often follow a similar pattern, but they’ll go in and out at all hours of the night. They usually don’t stray very far from their home base. In fact, if they find a food source in your kitchen, they may not go outside at all.

All of Modern’s wildlife damage repairs are performed with the highest degree of professionalism. as is our attic clean-up. From attic rodent control to squirrel clean up, our wildlife control will repair and prevent other critters from coming in. We work to ensure your home is 100% sealed against wild critters.

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Preventative Measures

Caulking GunModern Pest Control Wildlife Removal and Control not only works to remove nuisance wildlife, it helps protect your home and business from animals in the future. One of the most important parts of the wildlife control process involves identifying damage and sealing openings around the home that animals may use to enter. Any wildlife control job is not complete without proper prevention. This is particularly true when wild animals have entered your home or attic. If you’ve got rats or squirrels or raccoons or any other critter in your attic, then your home has vulnerable areas – Open vents? Loose soffits? Rotting fascia boards? It could be a whole number of areas. The only way to solve the problem permanently is to find these openings and to seal them shut permanently. All repairs will be of professional quality – all holes fixed with steel that future rodents can’t chew through. Whatever the wildlife problem, there’s something that can be done to prevent a similar problem in the future.