We Get Wildlife Pests Out and Keep Them Out

Bat flying in atticThe Wildlife Control Team at Modern Pest Services focuses on the humane and responsible trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife, always following strict guidelines. Wildlife critters generally enter your home or business in search of food, water or shelter and once they’re in, they’re difficult to get out. After we identify the pest and its entry point or harborage area, we’ll work diligently to keep them from entering your property in the future by applying proven exclusion techniques.

Our Exclusion Techniques Include:

  • Identifying wildlife travel routes
  • Sealing all possible active entry/exit points around entire roofline from gutter to peak of roof, including dormers, ridge vents, louver vents, flashing, rake boards and large openings
  • Installing one-way doors at suspected exit points, which will be removed once animals are no longer present
  • Digging a trench at the base of the building where large animals may be entering and installing screening, as well as one-way doors if needed.

Our Wildlife Exclusion Service Professionals are knowledgeable about wildlife habits and biology, exclusion techniques, home construction and damage repair. Whether you have raccoons in your basement, bats in your attic, squirrels in your eaves or birds on your roof, we’re ready to resolve your nuisance wildlife control issues promptly and professionally and keep wildlife pests out.