Squirrel in cageThe Wildlife Control Team at Modern Pest Services focuses on humane nuisance wildlife control. Our animal trapping and removal service specializes in wildlife removal, clean-up, and repair, as well as complete prevention services for your home or business. Our professional staff has years of experience in wildlife removal. Wildlife trapping is not a “do-it-yourself” type of job, and attempting to remove animals on your own could cause costly damage to your home and result in injury. A lot of expertise, experience, and laws comprise the wildlife trapping process – from licensing and legal issues, to trap type/size, baits, and lures, placement, and presentation, the safety of people and animal, care for the animal’s comfort, etc. If trapping and removal of wildlife are not handled properly, wildlife issues can escalate quickly and become very difficult to manage. Please don’t try it yourself, call a Modern Wildlife Professional.

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A Modern wildlife professional does much more than just trap the animals:

  • Inspect & Evaluate Situation
  • Trap & Remove Wildlife
  • Clean Up & Repair Damage Caused by Animals
  • Develop & Implement Preventive Measures
  • Monitor Results

Raccoon peeking out of the roof of a homeMost wildlife such as squirrels and rats are removed by the placement of traps, the placement of these traps is critical to effectively removing the animal humanely and in a timely manner. Traps are monitored routinely to ensure all are removed before working to repair damage caused by their presence. For rodents, Modern uses specially formulated baits placed in key areas of your home to ensure speedy removal of rodents.