Anticimex SMART Technology System Debuts in U.S.

The intelligent pest control system “Anticimex SMART” has been widely used in Europe, Asia, and Australia. So far, over 75,000 Smart units have been installed. Now, the high-tech system is launched in the United States, taking the pest control industry to a new era.

Data-driven solutions are the new standard for pest control, enabling precise solutions and constant control – and Anticimex has the leading solutions. Anticimex SMART is an intelligent system that detects rodents early. By constantly monitoring and immediately alerting, the system prevents costly infestations in an environmentally friendly manner. Anticimex SMART is well-established in Europe, Asia, and Australia, where 75,000 units have been installed in over 17 countries. In Europe, it accounts for one-fourth of Anticimex’s sales.

– Healthy, rat-free environments are key for cities and businesses to remain attractive and Anticimex SMART is the most precise data-driven solution that fights the problem in all environments, including sub-ground in the sewer system, without using any poison. “It is a much smarter way to stay ahead of rodents,” says Jens Peter Nielsen, Vice President, Anticimex North America.

Anticimex SMART is a non-toxic solution that makes rodent prevention possible without threatening the environment. It’s also proven efficient regardless of climate and surroundings.

– In today’s society, we all compete for attracting the right people. To attract customers, employees, citizens, companies or tourists there’s a need to secure a healthy environment. As companies and cities of tomorrow strive to become both green and rat-free, the SMART system provides an environmentally-friendly solution that they can really get behind. “We want to help our customers to go beyond sustainable goals and create healthy environments where people want to live and work,” continues Jens Peter Nielsen.

Where other innovative technologies lack human elements, Anticimex SMART packs powerful AI (artificial intelligence) to detect vermin the instant it breaches a building with a proven pest control solution that gives its users the best of two worlds—automation and expertise. Anticimex SMART provides digital reports to its users continually, showing results such as time and date for activity, as well as trend curves. The reports enable users to stay in control, minimize risks and see the value of their investments.

Anticimex SMART is brought to the U.S. market via Anticimex´s four subsidiaries: American Pest (MD, DC, VA), Modern Pest Services (ME, MA, NH, CT), Turner Pest Control (FL) and Viking Pest Control (NJ, NY, PA, DE).


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