Updated Bed Bug Report for New Hampshire

Tenants in Nashua New Hampshire, don’t have to let bed bugs control their lives. To help prevent the spread of bed bugs in New Hampshire, new legislation concerning the management of bed bugs by landlords and tenants was enacted in 2013 and 2014. Under the new laws, landlords are required to take action within seven days after bed bug infestation is reported. Willful failure to investigate or address the problem is a violation that may result in a charge of contempt and contempt damages. After being notified of an infestation, a landlord is allowed emergency entry into the affected unit for 72 hours. Tenants must be given written instructions for unit preparation prior to remediation, and in most cases, landlords are required to pay for all remediation costs.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Signs of bed bug infestation include the presence of live or dead insects, black specks of fecal matter and blood stains in and around your mattresses, linens, upholstered furniture, baseboards and window coverings. You may also notice unusual odors emanating from your bedding and skin lesions that appear overnight. Bed bug infestation is a common problem in hotels, resorts, dormitories and airports. Current bed bug sightings are documented by the New Hampshire Bed Bug Registry. If you’re planning a trip to the area, it’s a good idea to check the registry for updated reports before making your travel arrangements.

Eradication and Prevention

Because most bed bugs gain access to your house by hitchhiking in your luggage or inside furniture or boxes, preventing infestation requires diligent care when traveling or bringing new items into your home. Before unpacking your suitcase, inspect delicate items closely, and wash all other clothing in hot water. Never place your suitcase or other items directly on flooring surfaces when traveling. If you’re already a victim of bed bug infestation, heat remediation is the most effective way to solve the problem. Chemical products may be useful in areas that cannot tolerate heat. To ensure the best results, contact a professional pest control company.

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Control Your Sleep Quality

When you accidentally bring home blood-thirsty souvenirs from your vacation, contact the pest control company in Nashua New Hampshire that home and business owners trust. At Modern Pest Services, we’re leaders in eradicating bed bugs through carefully customized treatment plans that include both electric or propane thermal remediation and conventional chemical treatments. If you suspect that bed bugs have found their way into your living space, request an inspection today.