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Manchester, New Hampshire’s many green spaces and natural beauty is a boon to the local tourism industry and a delight to visitors and residents. However, the lovely greenery and rivers also attracts many pests that must be managed. In particular, homes and businesses that rely on wood-frame construction often need to utilize professional termite control to prevent damage to their property and livelihood. In Manchester, NH, hikers enjoying their walks through the many nearby forests usually don’t stop to consider the possibility that explorers from vast colonies of hidden termites in dead or dying trees might find their way to new digs within the greater Manchester-Nashua metropolitan area.

Pests Common to this Area

Fortunately, Modern Pest Services insect-eradication experts are familiar with the special procedures required to prevent termite infestations from gradually destroying homes, vacation cabins and commercial buildings. Our HomeCare Green Termite Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients across the state of New Hampshire, and commercial clients will find that our EcoCare Programs provide robust solutions for their business.

Aside from termites, ants are another common nuisance to Manchester residents. They love to race from one spot to another with their loads of leaf bits, food crumbs and building materials. Ants are a varied lot, and many ant species serve a vital purpose in our complex natural world. However, some species of ants must be controlled when they invade residential areas and commercial food-handling facilities. Modern Pest has experience with ant control in the Manchester, NH, region and will be able to rid your home or business of the scourges of wood-destroyingcarpenter ants, odorous house ants and other unwanted infestations.

Ticks constitute another regrettable nuisance from the insect kingdom that pose a real danger to human health. Often carried back by unknowing hikers or residents in areas with tall grasses and heavy underbrush, ticks can sneakily infect humans with undetected cases of debilitating Lyme disease. Left untreated, the disease can lead to lifelong problems, and even wearing heavy gloves and full-length clothing in high-risk areas may not always prevent a tick from finding its way past these defenses. Many homeowners and other individuals in need of a professional to handle tick control in Manchester, NH, will find that our HomeCare Green Tick Program effectively addresses the problem of local infestations.

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