The history of Manchester, NH, is one of industry, commerce, and urban growth. The largest and most populous city of New Hampshire was designed to be an industrial center, similar to the English city it got its name from. 

Today, Manchester, NH, is a center for entertainment and recreation, offering everything from theater to sports to art. In the heart of the city lies Lake Massabesic, which provides the city’s drinking water. As such, it is essential only to use environmentally safe pest control methods.

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Common Pests in Manchester, New Hampshire

Seasonal Insects Are An Increasing Problem In Hillsborough County

Pests are a problem all year round. When the weather gets warmer, insects like ticks, termites, and cockroaches come out of hiding. By fall, most of these will have gone into hiding or hibernation to wait for next year. The long winters of New Hampshire might put some bugs to sleep, but they only give way to other nasty critters.

Ladybugs, stink bugs, and mice, in their quest for warmth, will make your home their home. Mice are particularly annoying, as they always bring other insects with them. Most of these pests also travel in groups and reproduce extremely fast. When you notice even the slightest sign of pest problems, you can give us a call.

Our exterminators deal with over 60 kinds of pests, and Modern Pest Services has a solution for nearly every pest issue. Some of the pests commonly found in Manchester, NH, include:

Long-Term Pest Control in Manchester, NH

Some property owners may wonder if hiring a professional exterminator is worth it. After all, pest control products are readily available and often cheaper. At Modern Pest, we do not just remove bugs. We work to prevent bugs from entering your home or property in the first place. Our team consists of licensed insect specialists and entomologists who continuously research better and more effective options for extermination.

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