Nestled on the banks of the Merrimack River and surrounded by New Hampshire’s rugged natural beauty, Concord is considered the area’s gateway to outdoor recreation. The city also offers a vibrant cultural scene — as the national’s oldest capital city, Concord features a historic downtown core brimming with 19th century architecture, unique restaurants, coffee shops, music venues, and boutiques, and galleries. However, insect and rodent pests are drawn to the cracks, crevices, and millions of other hiding places available in historic buildings as well as the lush landscaping that surrounds them. Fortunately, Modern Pest Services is on the scene to offer Concord home and business owners customized solutions to their pest control problems. Whether you’re run ragged by roaches, frustrated by fleas, or antagonized by ants, or battling bed bugs, the expert technicians on staff at Modern Pest Services can quickly ensure that you have the relief that you need.

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Common Pests in Concord, New Hampshire

With its distinct seasons and abundant natural beauty, Concord is home to a wide range of common pests. When temperatures dip in winter, mice and rats begin to seek indoor accommodations for the coming winter, and if they’re successful, they continue to breed throughout the season as their numbers grow exponentially. Certain types of insects also seek access to home and business interiors as it becomes colder outdoors.

During the warmer months, mosquitos and ticks become prime culprits, particularly for those living near stagnant water sources, posing not only a significant nuisance but also come with potential health risks. Ants, particularly carpenter and house varieties, are also frequent visitors to Concord properties, often drawn to food sources and potential nesting habitat. Other common culprits include the following:

Termite Inspection in Concord, NH

Given the region’s climate, termites, particularly the eastern subterranean species, can become a silent — yet destructive presence. Modern’s Termite Control Service can protect your home from these damaging pests. Termite inspections are an essential step in maintaining the structural integrity of homes and businesses in Concord. Our technicians are experienced in identifying the telltale signs of termite activity, including mud tubes, hollowed wood, and frass — otherwise known as termite droppings. A thorough termite inspection involves a close examination of the interior and exterior of the building so that appropriate measures may be taken. We also provide education on minimizing the chances of termite infestations, such as keeping woodpiles a certain distance from the house.

21st Century Pest Control Services in Concord, NH

Pest control techniques have come a long way since Modern Pest began in 1945. At Modern, we use a combination of strategies designed to address your specific pest concerns while not losing sight of the health and safety of your family, household pets, and the environment.

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