Is There a New Super-Termite on the Rise?

Beginning in late March and lasting throughout the summer, armies of tiny insects rejoice in nibbling houses and other buildings into dust. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damages to a single home. As termite season approaches in Raymond Maine, you can expect to see an influx of swarms in and around the area, and pest control technicians will be putting in extra hours. In the near future, diligent termite control may become even more important. A new termite species has been found in Florida, and experts are concerned.

When Asian Met Fermosa

Asian and Formosan termites are the two most destructive termite species in the world, and they coexist in very few places. Florida is one of them. While entomologist and researcher Thomas Chouvenc was collecting adult termites for study, he made a startling discovery. He observed both species swarming at the same time; this is something that has never been seen until now. Even more concerning is the fact that the two species are mating with each other, and the hybrid offspring are colonizing twice as fast as their parent species. Faster growth combined with shared characteristics of both Asian and Formosan termites likely means that the new species could be even more destructive than both.

How Will the New Termite Affect Pest Control in the Northeast?

Asian termites require a tropical environment to thrive, but Formosan termites can tolerate temperate climates. If the new hybrid takes after its Formosan parents, it could become a formidable force of destruction in the northeast U.S. and other areas of the world once it becomes established. The idea of super-termites invading your Raymond Maine, home is frightening, but you can take steps to reduce your chances of infestation. Here are a few do-it-yourself termite control tips.

  • Seal all gaps between gas and water lines where they enter your home.
  • Reduce wood-to-ground contact as much as possible. Wooden siding should be placed at least six inches above the ground.
  • Keep all cellulose materials such as wood or cardboard away from your house and out of your crawlspaces.
  • Keep mulch at least six inches away from your foundation.
  • Resolve all moisture and drainage problems around your home and in your basement.
  • Be sure that your roof and gutter system is directing water away from your home properly.

Modern Pest Stops Raymond, Maine Termites in Their Tracks

To ensure that newly invading termites don’t get a chance to cause serious damage, have professional termite inspections performed at regular intervals and at any time you suspect a problem. Contact Modern Pest for more information.