Don’t Let Your Leftovers Attract Pests

We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! By now, you’re probably either getting sick of or running out of Thanksgiving leftovers. If you’re throwing away a turkey carcass of that last bit of sweet potato casserole and pecan pie, don’t let it be dinner for rats, mice, or other wildlife.

Ideally, you should get bags of food trash out of the house right away, whether they’re heading to the compost bin or the trash bin.

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Secure Your Trash Cans

If your leftovers are heading for the trash can, follow these tips:

  • make sure your bins are metal or heavy-duty plastic.
  • The lids should fit securely and latch to the bin.
  • If they don’t, secure the lids with a brick or something else heavy that animals can’t move.
  • If possible, keep trash bins away from your home and anywhere that pet food is stored.
  • You don’t want mice, rats, raccoons, or other critters to see your trash bins as a reliable food source.

Heading for the Compost Bin?

If you’re going to compost your leftovers, be sure to use compost bins that inhibit wildlife access, such as:

  • Enclosed bins with solid bottoms and securely latched lids
  • Tumbler-style bins resting on supports
  • Wood bins with tight mesh wire sides and hinged lids made from fiberglass or wood
  • Bins where the aeration holes have been covered with wire mesh or hardware cloth (but not plastic since rodents can chew through it)
  • Bins with bricks securing any easy-to-remove lids
  • Large, open bins with heavy covers (such as wooden pallets) placed over them to limit access

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