Modern Pest and Anticimex Bring SMART Technology to the U.S.

Got Mice? Get SMART!Non-Toxic, Humane Solution to Rodent Problem Will Revolutionize the Field


Rodent problems can be devastating for businesses. Not only are they wildly unappealing to deal with, the financial repercussions can be staggering. A recent report commissioned by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) found that U.S. businesses incurred an increase of $6.8 billion in operating costs as a direct result of rodent infestations, as well as $13.2 billion in lost revenue. In addition to significant fiduciary issues, a pest infestation can also be disastrous for a business’ reputation.

Thanks to social media, a rodent sighting at a business can virtually ruin their standing in a community with just a few clicks of a button. While it’s true that technology permeates every aspect of our lives, but we’ve yet to see one to improve pest control. Until now.

Swedish-made Anticimex SMART is an innovative rodent control program that was developed to rave reviews in Europe and has only recently arrived on American shores. More similar to a modern “smart home” device than a spring-loaded rat trap, Anticimex SMART provides constant monitoring, is environmentally friendly, contains no pesticides, and is also humane. Because this technology eliminates all physical interaction with rodents, the community at large is not vulnerable to the diseases rodents carry.

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A rodent infestation can feel overwhelming and demoralizing to any business. Rats are an extremely adaptive and potentially diseased pest with a high reproductive rate, so it does not take long to feel that the rats are winning. Yet setting individual traps lacks efficiency. Distributing poison is often an invitation for an accidental disaster with toxins that damage the environment, which no business wants to deal with. The good news is that companies will soon be able to employ Anticimex SMART technology to rid their lives of rodent pestilence that will provide much welcome peace of mind.

But why is Anticimex SMART a better way for businesses to attack their rodent problem? It’s because it uses both digital automation and traditional professional expertise to rid your space of infestation. First, a staff member familiar with Anticimex SMART will visit, inspect your site, study any available documentation, and speak with any key people familiar with the problem. No stone will be left unturned to find the optimal solution for your business.

Once the plan for your business is in place, Anticimex SMART will be installed. It’s a system of both strategically-placed sensors that detect infestations, and non-toxic traps that will deal with your pests in an efficient manner. The smart units are connected and continue to send data back to the smart data hub.

From there, Anticimex SMART employees will conduct regular inspections, empty and relocate traps, analyze data, and give updates when needed. Business owners just need to sit back, relax, and let Anticimex SMART do the work for them.

Anticimex SMART Technology Is Worry-Free Pest Control For Your Business

Businesses across Europe are raving about the success of this innovative solution to an age-old problem. All Anticimex SMART traps are 100% non-toxic, which is better for the environment, and in turn, creates a healthier work environment. Businesses also appreciate that after Anticimex SMART is installed, they can act fast on early warnings. Since pests are adept at hiding in places that are hard to find, Anticimex SMART is being lauded as an innovative way to detect the activities of pests in hidden places. That way, Anticimex SMART can deal with any issues before they turn into costly problems for businesses. In the report commissioned by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), it was found that 42% of U.S. businesses suffered a loss of at least one work day during an infestation, while over a quarter (26%) lost five working days – a full working week.

Businesses also love the simple fact that they have less to worry about in terms of pest issues. Because Anticimex SMART is constantly monitoring the situation, the risk of an infestation that could harm a business or its relationship with its customers and partners, is greatly minimized. That’s not just business SMART, it’s business savvy.
“Anticimex SMART ticked all the boxes,” said Anders Paulsson, vice president of Jitech Stell Group and Anticimex SMART client. “We’ve never liked being second best, and I’m personally triggered by new technology.”
With so many things to worry about in your business, it’s time you let Anticimex SMART technology take the lead when it comes to pest control. Your home and business deserve high-quality, high-efficiency products, and Anticimex SMART is just such a product.

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For more detailed answers to common questions about this revolutionary solution, see below.

  • What is Anticimex SMART?

    Anticimex was founded in Sweden in 1934, operates in 17 countries, and is highly respected for its expertise in pest control, hygiene, and building environments. The company maintains its market leadership by focusing on healthy indoor environments through inspections and preventative methods. Anticimex SMART grew from the company’s continuing effort to create new, efficient and environmentally friendly services.

  • How does Anticimex SMART work?

    Traditional pest control requires physical readings of kills. This system is incapable of monitoring activity, quantifying the extent of infestation or detecting rodents in their preferred habitats such as sewers and other areas similarly hard to reach. The only rodents identified are those that have been poisoned, even though most exterminators state that, for every single rodent killed, there are another ten.
    The non-toxic Anticimex SMART system monitors activity through a series of sensors, sending the date and time of the movement to a router so that trends can be established and addressed more efficiently. Unlike most pest control services, Anticimex SMART technology also includes a specially designed trap specifically for sewers.

  • What is the Anticimex SMART Technician’s Role?

    Best practice when dealing with rodents and other pests is to prepare a comprehensive plan to address the situation and stymie the infestation, be it in a home, a warehouse, store or office. The Anticimex SMART technician first inspects the infiltrated site, both above and below ground. This data is then carefully analyzed by experts. Interviews are conducted with custodial staff and other key employees and all documentation of rat presence is studied. An “optimal setup” plan is then formulated in which Anticimex SMART units are installed to solve the problem. This holistic approach has generated a proven track record in 17 countries.

  • How does Technology Differentiate Anticimex SMART?

    Each Anticimex SMART unit records data from its sensors, 24/7. This data is then sent wirelessly for collection and analysis at the SMART Data Hub. The units also serve as non-toxic traps, collecting individual rodents in a humane manner. The data analysis allows technicians to adjust the individual program to ensure the greatest success, whether this information translates into more onsite inspections or demonstrates a downward infestation trend.

  • What is SMART Hardware?

    Each apparatus is custom-designed for maximum success, beginning with the Smart Pipe 1&2 that can be installed in the main sewer system to monitor and collect rats efficiently below ground. The SMART Pipe 3 is attached to metal sewer pipes that are conduits between buildings and the main sewer. The SMART Box draws rodents from above ground, capturing multiple individuals at once.
    The communications system is equally sophisticated, beginning with the SMART Connect, the router for the SMART Monitoring System. The SMART Catch monitors rodent movements above ground, with the miniature SMART eye being small enough to detect and report movement in crevices and seams often favored by rats.

  • What About Anticimex SMART Service?

    Though groundbreaking, Anticimex SMART technology is far from the exclusive methodology engaged by Anticimex techs when dealing with rodent infestation. Service remains another key component in eradicating rodents. This service commences with physical inspection, followed by additional onsite attention as dictated by the individual situation. All traps are also routinely emptied and strategically relocated, based on data trends and other monitoring information. Best of all, the client no longer has to worry about any element of the procedure. He or she can return to focusing on the business.