Raking Leaves… For Pest Control?

Those of us who live in New England States like Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts all suffer the same burden every time the fall rolls around.  The leaves of our heavily wooded landscape transition through a glorious spectrum of yellow, orange and red hues.  Then all of those glorious leaves drift idyllically to the ground.  And there they’ll sit, until the wind blows them away or you break out your rake or leaf blower and do the dirty work yourself.
We’ve all seen it, the spring rolls around and the melting snow reveals pockets of dead leaves that have been sitting around throughout the entire winter.  No one likes a reminder of the fall cleanup project that just never made it to the top of the to-do list.  No one except for the mice and insects who will be grateful for the cozy refuge during our chilly New England weather.

Top 3 Reasons To Remove Leaves From Your Yard Every Fall

  1. Raking leaves is great exercise and a lot of fun.  Making family time out of chores is a fun, productive way to check an item off your to-do list!
  2. Your yard will be nice and tidy for the winter and when the spring rolls around your lawn and landscaping will thank you.
  3. And of course, seeing as Modern Pest Services is a pest control company, we must stress the importance of removing piles of leaves (what we like to call conducive conditions) from your property, so that mice, snakes and insects such as ants, earwigs and many others do not have places to find warmth and safe harbor, build nests, and ultimately cause you many headaches down the road.

So break out those rakes and have some fun while you work, and don’t give mice and other pests lofty, leafy diggs for the winter!