Animal Control or Wildlife Control: Which do I need?


So maybe a family of raccoons have moved into your shed or a stray cat?  How about that Mama Moose and her twins that are hanging out in the kiddie pool?  The neighbor’s dog, donkey, or pet goat over to visit?  Bat’s or birds have moved into your attic? Are there squirrels nesting in your walls?

The point being you have a critter situation, and you need some help. Who to call is probably something you have not considered before, and it’s important to know that some animal situations may require the help of different types of professionals.  So who should you call and for what kind of issues?

Here are few tips and guidelines that will help figure out who can best help you.

Local Animal Control

Animal Control Officers are typically employed by your local municipalities to respond and protect the public on complaints of domesticated animals or other animals that may be a threat to public health and safety.  Animal Control Officer’s responsibilities include (but are not limited too):

  • Capturing and impounding dangerous or stray animals
  • Investigating cases of animal cruelty
  • Enforcing licensing laws
  • Providing expert testimony in court cases
  • Rescuing trapped animals

Wildlife Pest Control Experts

These are the guys you will call when you are dealing with nuisance wildlife issues in your home or on your property.  Animals that are often covered include:

  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Porcupines
  • Groundhogs
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • And many other animals

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State Fish and Game

However, if you are dealing with a large mammal, like a bear or a moose, or any suspected rabid animal, (domestic or wild) you will be better off contacting your state’s Department of Fish and Game. These folks have the expertise and authority to handle these more difficult and potentially dangerous situations.

One last thing…

Now that you have figured out who you’re gonna call (and it’s not Ghostbusters!), it’s important to point out that Animal Control Officers and Fish & Game are public employees. Therefore, they do not provide paid services.  While on the other hand, Wildlife Control experts are private businesses, and they are not reimbursed through tax dollars. As a result, they do charge for their services.

Modern Pest has an entire team dedicated just to wildlife control; that’s in full compliance with all local and state laws. Our certified wildlife control experts know exactly what to do to discover the type of pest, design a trapping and removal plan, and even fix the damage and seal the holes to prevent future invasions. For more information on how Modern Pest’s Wildlife team works, check out our blog and then schedule a visit with a wildlife control expert!