How Will Rodent Treatments Affect My Pets?

Cat paw in a mousetrap on a white background.Your puttering around your house, open your cupboard for a mid-morning snack and find tiny black pellets lying there, near the shredded corner of your cereal box. Whoa – what?  

What you don’t see are the hundreds of droplets of mouse urine scattered on your counter and capable of transmitting over 35 different diseases.  Nooooo!  Actually, yes – you have a rodent problem.

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Mice and rats have little trouble sneaking into your home or business through the tiniest of cracks and crevices (think holes the size of a #2 pencil).  Once you see signs of one having moved in, it is very likely many more are hiding in your walls, floors, and attic.  A single female mouse can produce up to DOZEN babies, every three weeks!

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What about my pets?

So you know you have to get rid of these buggers but you can’t help but be a little concerned for your favorite furry friends.  As pest management professionals, we totally get it.  Many of us have pets ourselves.  Keeping all of your loved ones safe from pests and pest control materials alike is our number one priority.

Professional Vs. DIY

DIY. Many DIY’ers will place rodent bait in various locations around their home and property, attempting to tackle the issue on their own. The problem being is it’s not safely secured in tamper-resistant containers. Even if pet owners try to hide the bait, it could be carried to other locations by the rodent. Neighbors without pets may unintentionally leave rodent bait out where it is easily accessed by your pets. That said if you do suspect that your pet has consumed rodent bait, immediately consult your veterinarian.

Safe for kids & petsThe Pros. That is why using a professional to eliminate your rodent infestation is your best bet. A pro will perform a careful inspection, locating rodent “hot spots” in order to help minimize conditions that promote rodent activity. Pro’s can then do very targeted treatments. As a result, random application of material is always avoided. Also, because a pro is highly trained, they will always make sure to avoid placing bait or materials in places that your family and pets may have frequent contact.

Additionally, pros have access to the latest and safest rodent station equipment, which is tamper-resistant and locked for safety. Pros also understand where the best locations are to place the units, so they are out of the way of your pets, yet in the path of traveling rodents.

The Modern Solution

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