Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home this Winter

By: Matthew Campbell

There’s a spider in the corner of the ceiling, staring you down with its conspiring eyes.  You’ve seen one here and there throughout the summer, mostly around the porch lights.  You may have even shuttered and thought, “As long as it doesn’t come near me.”  Now that autumn is here, these eight-legged creatures seem to think that it’s alright to come inside, and this is not okay.

Why are pests coming inside now?

The obvious answer is that your home is warm, but spiders aren’t the only pests creeping in.  As it cools down outside, over-wintering pests like earwigs, cluster flies, and lady bugs enter your home through holes and cracks around the foundation, under sills, and along eaves to seek refuge in your basement, attic, and wall voids.

Why are over-wintering pests a problem? 

Although no serious health concerns are associated with most over-wintering pests, some, like silverfish, can damage your property, not to mention future pest issues that could arise.  For instance, larder beetles proliferate on dead insects and even dead rodents in the walls.  Then there’s the annoyance of over-wintering pests appearing in the spring when they become active.

What can you do to prevent over-wintering pests?

There is no impermeable barrier with which to cover your home, but you can be proactive by doing the following:

Seal it.  Be one step ahead by blocking the way.

  • Caulk cracks and holes around the foundation and around pipes. For larger cracks and holes, us low-expansion polyurethane foam.
  • Seal flues and chimneys with aluminum flashing or high-temperature caulk.
  • Repair or replace screens in windows and over attic vents if they have tears or holes.
  • Adhere weather-stripping around drafty doors and attach a door sweep at the bottom.

Dry it.  Damp areas are perfect for over-wintering pests to thrive in until spring comes around.

  • Seal or replace the leaky pipes in walls and under sinks, and allow adequate air circulation to dry the areas out.
  • Place a dehumidifier in the basement to reduce the amount of moisture that naturally occurs, and repair leaky roofs as well.

Treat it.  It’s easy to overlook the little things, which is why partnering with a licensed pest management professional from a company like Modern Pest Services is beneficial.  Not only are our service professionals knowledgeable about pest biology and trained to treat, they are also trained to proactively spot pest-conducive environments, and they can offer lasting advice to aid you in your endeavors.

Whether it’s escaping the cold or foraging for food, over-wintering pests like spiders, lady bugs, and cluster flies are going to make their way indoors.  Modern Pest Services offers valuable services against these pests, but treatment alone should not be relied upon as the sole remedy.  Doing your part to seal up entryways and reduce moisture build-up will also help keep your home pest free this winter.

Every season brings a new threat from pests. Be prepared. Modern Pest Services offers a HomeCare Green program for year-round pest protection, as well as Wildlife Control Services. 1-800-323-7378.