What Pests Will You Encounter on Your New Hampshire Vacation?

Carleton Covered Bridge, New Hampshire

With its state and national parks, beaches, lakes, and amusement parks, New Hampshire is a major summer vacation destination. While this all sounds like a lot of fun, there are a variety of pests you’ll encounter while you’re camping, kayaking, RV-ing, and riding the roller coaster. And if you have a summer home in New Hampshire, you might find some unwanted guests waiting for you. So, what pests should you expect to see on your summertime New Hampshire adventure?

Indoor Pests

If you’re lucky enough to have a camp or cabin in the woods or on a lake, then you’ll likely encounter some pests upon your return. You might have the same issues in your RV or tent, too.

  • Rodents: When the temperatures drop in fall and winter, mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents seek food and shelter inside your cabin or RV. They emerge again in spring. They’ll eat anything you leave out, so be sure to keep food in plastic or metal containers. This goes for temporary sites like tents, too. You don’t want to go hiking for the day and return to ruined food and mouse droppings in your sleeping bag.
  • Carpenter Ants and Termites: These two pests are the most bothersome structural pests in New Hampshire. Termites cause damage by eating wood, while carpenter ants excavate galleries in wood to rear their young. Both pests can damage your summer cabin or camp.

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Outdoor Pests

With activities like hiking, canoeing, fishing, and water parks easily accessible, your New Hampshire adventure is likely to include a lot of time outdoors. And this means contact with some potentially dangerous pests.

  • Stinging Insects: New Hampshire is home to many genera of stinging insects.
    • Wasps: Several different species of wasps can be found in New Hampshire, including yellowjackets, mud daubers, bald-faced hornets, and paper wasps. Not all are aggressive, but they will all aggressively defend their nests if threatened. Because it can be hard to quickly identify what kind of wasp you encounter, it’s safest to assume they’re all a potential threat and to avoid agitating them.
    • Bees: New Hampshire also has a variety of bees. They are beneficial insects that help to pollinate crops, gardens, and orchards. They include bumble bees, honey bees, and sweat bees. Bees will sting if they feel threatened but aren’t usually outwardly aggressive.
  • Ticks: There are four tick species found in New Hampshire and they can all transmit disease to humans and pets.
  • Mosquitoes: The only redeeming quality of mosquitoes is as a food source for reptiles, amphibians, birds, bats, fish, and other insects. But to humans, they are an annoyance when they buzz around our faces and bite us. The females are the ones that bite, and during this process they can transfer viruses to the host’s bloodstream. These diseases include malaria, Zika, dengue and yellow fever, West Nile, and tularemia.

You’re bound to encounter many other types of pests on your New Hampshire adventure, but these are some of the most likely critters. If you plan ahead, then you shouldn’t be too inconvenienced. Pest-proof your summer home and use EPA-approved bug repellent for you and your family. You’ll probably be having too much fun to notice pests anyway.

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Father and son sit near a campfire in the woods in their permethrin-treated clothes.

Keep New Hampshire Safe from Intruders

Did you know that bringing firewood into New Hampshire (or anywhere else) from a different state can threaten forests? Insects and diseases not native to the area can be transported in and cause harm to the natural beauty of the area. So, when it comes to firewood, buy it where you burn it.

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