Avon is a small town with a long history. European immigrants first settled there in 1645. The town was officially incorporated in 1830 and is now home to around 19,795 residents.

Avon is a safe, affluent town comprised of remote workers, retirees, and vacationers. People enjoy a vibrant art scene and culinary delights ranging from local New England favorites to exotic Italian, Indian, Japanese and Chinese delicacies. Residents and visitors can enjoy the town’s pleasant weather in its multiple outdoor recreation areas. Avon’s location near Talcott Mountains allows nature lovers to paddle, hike, and camp in well-maintained parks and forests. Unfortunately, the abundant natural green spaces also mean certain pests thrive in Avon. Recurring infestations from bugs, rodents, and nuisance wildlife can risk your health, valuables, and property.

Using Modern Pest Services as your Avon exterminator lets you benefit from our deep knowledge of pest infestations in the area. Our Avon pest control services are your best bet for keeping away those pesky pests.

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Common Pest Infestations in Avon, CT

Avon’s humid climate with high yearly rainfall creates a conducive environment for harmful, disease-carrying pests to thrive.

Rain forces rodents and bugs to seek safety in dry, warm areas such as basements, attics, kitchens, and furnaces. Small aquatic animals and insects usually hatch thousands of eggs in stagnant water found in ponds and pools. The humidity is also conducive for pests who feed on decaying wood, leaves, and soil organisms.

During our work in Avon pest control, we’ve encountered most of the common pests in the area, including:

How To Prevent Pest Infestations in Avon

Keeping your environment clean and your structures sound is key to lowering the chances of a pest infestation in Avon.

Clearing bushes, draining stagnant water, and clearing gutters removes breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Replacing wooden beams infested by termites and covering openings to ceilings and basements with concrete eliminates any burrowing pests from your home and office.

You can discourage roaches and rodents, such as rats and mice, from making a home on your property by restricting their access to food. Cover and refrigerate any leftover food in your home or office building. Tie garbage bags tightly and invest in metallic trash cans they can’t chew or burrow through to access food waste.

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Pests can destroy a building’s structure, damage important files, and render expensive electronics useless. Having an Avon exterminator take care of pest problems is a great way to prevent an expensive infestation.

Modern Pest Services offers effective pest control solutions to homes and offices in Avon, Connecticut. Our experts use the latest, most innovative pest control technology to eliminate pests common to the area. Contact us today for more information about our award-winning Avon pest control services.