Introducing Anticimex SMART Attic

Intelligent Pest Control for Your Attic

Ever hear a scurrying above your head? Do your dogs and cats stand at the attic door? Do you wonder what’s going on up there when you’re downstairs?  Attics often contain heirlooms, decorations, clothing, and other stored items. And those sounds you and your pets are hearing could be mice. Mice can do serious damage to items that are costly or impossible to replace or repair. And when they’re in areas that you don’t frequent, you might not know until it’s too late.

Modern Pest is pleased to offer Anticimex SMART Attic Monitoring. We’ll know if there’s a mouse issue before you do!

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What is SMART?

Anticimex SMART is a whole-house electronic mouse control system that is nothing like what’s on the U.S. market today. You have better things to do than pest control. That’s our job.

Anticimex SMART is the intelligent and environmentally friendly pest control service that operates 24/7. If mouse activity is detected, SMART wirelessly communicates with our offices so we can send a Modern Pest Service Professional out to address the issue.


  • SMART technology monitors your home 24/7.
  • All set up and pest removal done by service professionals.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly.


The Dangers of Mice in the Attic

  • Los ratones pueden morder el cableado y provocar incendios. Este daño no solo es costoso, sino que puede ser mortal. Se estima que los ratones causan hasta 20% de incendios indeterminados en los EE. UU. Cada año.
  • Los desechos de los ratones pueden dañar el aislamiento y la madera. El daño al aislamiento puede comprometer la eficiencia de calefacción y refrigeración de su hogar. Es posible que ni siquiera sepa que está sucediendo hasta que haya ocurrido un daño extenso y costoso.
  • Su constante mordisco puede contaminar los alimentos y dañar propiedades y estructuras. Pueden destruir reliquias familiares, pinturas, libros, documentos y otros artículos irremplazables almacenados en áticos, sótanos y garajes.
  • Se sabe que los ratones transmiten 35 enfermedades y pueden causar serios riesgos para la salud tanto de humanos como de mascotas.

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El futuro es electrónico

Anticimex SMART technology consists of Smart Connect Minis, Smart Connect Eyes, and Smart Snaps that communicate with each other and back to headquarters. They tell our Pest Control Professionals where the mouse pressure is high, so they know where to most effectively place the Smart Snaps. And when a Smart Snap is activated, it reports back to our offices so we’ll know to empty and reset it.

With innovative SMART technology from Anticimex, you’ll never even have to think about mice in your attic, much less remove one from a DIY electronic or traditional snap trap. Modern will be there before you even know you need us!