Accolades for Modern Pest Services

Pest Control Technology MuscleModern Pest Service is proud to report that it has been included in PCT’s second annual “Companies to Watch” special report. The report highlights 25 companies that are putting good ideas to work to achieve their business goal.

Here is an excerpt from PCT:

Strong Management Team Gets It Done
Lots of things have led to Modern Pest Services’ success, said Chief Operating Officer Scott Stevenson, but none could have happened without the company’s strong management team, which thinks creatively, motivates and executes. In 2010, Modern bought a wildlife company that should double in size this year. It added bed bug service, picked up Copesan business following the Waltham Services acquisition by Rollins, expanded its full-time commercial sales staff, consolidated its call center and crafted a new mission. “Our team is executing on every one of those projects,” he said.

This past Spring, Modern ranked an impressive 45th in PCT’s revenue-based top 100 pest control companies in the U.S.  The top 100 list  was compiled after reviewing the 2010 revenues of 20,000 pest control companies in North America.