Announcing Modern’s Pest Calendar

Modern Pest is excited to announce our Pest Calendar. This handy and informative guide will help you predict and identify what’s bugging you year-round in New England.

Fill out the form to download the calendar and stay a step ahead of pests. And with preventative pest control from Modern Pest throughout the year, you’ll be informed but not annoyed by pests.

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When you’re knowledgeable about what pests to look for each season, you’re less likely to have an infestation in your home or business. And when you team with Modern, we’ve got you covered 365 days a year.

From termites and ants in spring to ticks and mosquitoes in summer, the warmer New England months offer a wide variety of pests. And while there might not be as much pest activity in fall and winter, expect mice, rats, squirrels, and other wildlife to be looking for a way into your home.

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