Are Pantry Pests Invading Your Kitchen?

Even though our holiday gatherings might be smaller this year due to COVID-19 safety protocols, there will likely still be lots of cooking and baking. But nothing can ruin an appetite and a fun day of food prep like finding bugs in your flour, rice, or pasta. So, what are they? How did they get there? And how can Modern help get rid of them?

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What are they?

The most common pantry, or stored product, pests that you might encounter are:

Indian Meal Moths

Indian meal moth

Saw-toothed Grain Beetles

Sawtooth grain beetles

Rice Weevils

Rice weevil on rice

What do they want?

Pantry pests want to eat your food. Luckily, these annoying critters don’t sting, bite, or cause structural damage to your home. They can infest almost any dry, stored product you might have in your cupboards or pantry. At-risk foods include:

  • grains
  • flour
  • cereal
  • corn meal
  • pasta
  • crackers
  • cookies
  • breadcrumbs or panko
  • chocolate
  • coffee or tea
  • cured meats
  • dried fruit

There are also products that pantry pests can infest that might be stored elsewhere, such as:

  • birdseed
  • dry pet food
  • ornamental corn
  • dried flowers and plants
  • garden seeds
  • potpourri

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How did they get there?

Pantry pests aren’t a sign of a dirty kitchen, so don’t feel bad if you spot one. They usually gain access to your house by hitching a ride on groceries. They could have gotten in at the warehouse, during shipment to the store, or at the store. Sometimes adult pests will fly in through windows and doors. They can easily enter opened or damaged packaging, but many can access intact packages as well.

Pantry pests contaminate much more food than they consume. They can cost you countless dollars in wasted food products once they’re spotted. If you find one in a box of rice, for example, check other products. Chances are that the bug isn’t isolated to that one box.

How do you get rid of them?

The best way to avoid pantry pests in your home is to store all dry food products in metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Keeping air out of these products keeps them fresher and prolongs their shelf life as well.

If you’ve already spotted a pantry pest in your dry goods, don’t panic. Take these steps to get rid of them:

  • Throw out products that are infested with pests.
  • Minimally infested packages can be put in the freezer for two or three days to kill pests.
  • Empty your cupboards or pantry and vacuum every inch.
  • Wash all surfaces with soap and water.
  • Inspect all dry goods you bring into you home. Buy smaller amounts so they don’t sit unused.

The Modern Solution

If you’ve got pantry pests, you want to get them out and keep them out. Modern can help! Modern Pest’s Homecare Green programs protects against over 50 different common household pests, including Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, and rice weevils. Our highly trained Service Professionals can inspect your kitchen and identify any pantry pests that might be infesting your space. Call Modern today for a free quote or to schedule service!