Are Wasps and Hornets Bugging you this Fall?

The other day I went apple picking with friends and their kids. There was an apple festival going on, featuring food stands, hayrides, live music, and more. Unfortunately, there was a huge stinging insect presence as well. My friend’s son put on his sweatshirt and was stung on the arm by a yellowjacket wasp that had crawled into the sleeve. He was in pain and distraught, and it wasn’t a fun end to the day.

If you’ve been participating in traditional fall activities like county fairs, apple picking, or youth sports lately, you’ve probably seen an abundance of wasps and hornets swarming around picnic tables and trash cans, too. You may have also experienced this at home while enjoying beautiful autumn days in your yard and on your deck. You might not be able to avoid stinging insects in public, you can definitely make your home safer. And Modern can help!

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Why So Many?

This is the time of year that stinging insects become the biggest concern for humans. A colony can contain thousands of wasps or hornets by now. They will aggressively defend their nest against intruders. These large populations also scavenge for human food at barbecues, campsites, fairs, sports, and other outdoor activities. They turn to scavenging because their natural food sources have become scarce this time of year. Do they seem to be especially fond of your soda or the ketchup on your hotdog? It’s because they require extra sugar in late summer and early fall to sustain the upcoming queens.

Wasps can sting multiple times because their stinger is not barbed and will not come off, unlike a bee. Yellowjackets alone are responsible for about half of all human insect stings. They are easily provoked and will even chase their target for large distances.

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Modern Can Help!

If you’re experiencing stinging insect issues around your home and yard, call Modern today at 1-800-323-7378. Our Homecare Green service protects against over 55 common household pests, including hornets and wasps. Modern’s Service Professionals can also spot nests you might not have seen yet. And nest removal is definitely something you want a professional to tackle. Enjoy the remaining days of outdoor fall activities without being stung, with the help of Modern Pest!