Bed Bug FAQs

With the resurgence of bed bugs and ample media coverage lately, people are naturally curious about how to spot and avoid these pesky pests. Here are some common questions, and answers about bed bugs.

Q: Can bed bugs easily enter my home?

A: These insects are able to hitch a ride in luggage, purses and bags of all sizes. The critters have the ability to attach themselves to used furniture and on clothing. Modern Pest Services bed bugs control in Burlington, MA utilizes cutting-edge equipment and techniques, including electric and propane heat treatment and bed bug inspection dogs to to help find and eliminate these blood-sucking insects from your home.

Q: How can I determine whether or not bed begs are in  my home?

A: If, after a thorough inspection of your bed, you don’t see bed bugs, but still suspect them, you can place ClimbupTM Insect Interceptors under each bed post. These interceptors form a barrier between the floor and the bed and capture bed bugs if they’re present. In addition, putting bed bug encasements on your mattress, box spring and pillow will not only trap any existing bed bugs that are present, but allow you better visibility of them.

Q: Am I supposed to throw away bedding and furniture if bed bugs are found in my home?

A: It depends a bit on the level of infestation. As long as effective techniques are used to treat a fairly new bed bug infestation, you likely will not have to discard the items. If a bed bug infestation has been left untreated for a while and has become extensive, it may be wise to discard some of the affected items. When Modern Pest Services administers bed bugs control in Manchester, NH and other locations, a knowledgeable pest management professional can provide better information and advice about discarding bedding and furniture.

Q: My spouse has red bumps on his back and we think it’s from bed bugs. However, I don’t have any symptoms. Why would he get attacked by bed bugs while I remain unaffected?

A: Although these insects are usually equal opportunity biters, some people do not develop red marks when they are bitten. Only some individuals are allergic to the saliva of the insects and will develop a visible reaction. If you suspect bed bugs, it’s best to contact a pest management professional to help identify them.

Q: Will I find bed bugs in places other than my bed?

A: Generally speaking, beds and areas within a 5-foot radius of beds are the most common place to find bed bugs. However, in large infestations, they will spread out within a bedroom and can be found in night stands, baseboards, electrical sockets, picture frames, and alarm clocks. Modern Pest Services bed bug control in Boston, MA and other locations will identify where bed buds are located and provide treatment to eliminate bed bugs from all infested areas.

If you have more questions about bed bugs, or suspect you may have an infestation in your home or business, call Modern Pest Services at 1-800-323-7378.