Flea Proof Your New Rental Property

Friends who receive an invitation to visit your new home are welcome guests. Permanent residents who are there when you move in, however, can make your life miserable until you get rid of them. Flea eggs that a previous resident’s pet left in your new home can create new generations of fleas. Biting and causing potentially dangerous health concerns, this pest presents a need for flea control in Woburn, MA. To make sure that your new apartment or rental home is safe for your family and pets, have your landlord or property manager call on Modern Pest Services for your flea control needs.

At Modern Pest Services, we specialize in eradicating fleas with effective measures that let you enjoy the peaceful use of your home. Professional flea control in Woburn, Massachusetts is the only way to completely rid your home of the dreaded pest. Stages in the life cycle of the flea provide protection from flea bombs and other DIY treatments that you may find at a home improvement store. A sticky coating on the cocoon helps it resist sweeping or vacuuming, and provides an excellent defense against ordinary chemicals.

Nature gives fleas more than a fighting chance to survive in your home. Adult females can lay as many as eight eggs after eating a blood meal. She gets sustenance for reproducing by biting a person or a pet, and laying her eggs starts a new cycle of life. Professional flea control in Woburn, Massachusetts can help eradicate fleas in any stage of life.

Family-owned and serving the community for nearly 70 years, Modern Pest Services offers superior flea control in Woburn, MA. Contact a Modern Pest Services representative today and rid your home of any unwelcome pests.