Bed Bugs Surge in Boston

For more than a decade, the number of bed bugs in Boston has increased at a significant rate, causing more and more residents to seek bed bugs control in Boston, Massachusetts. Even more disturbingly, bed bugs are spreading throughout the metropolitan area.

Bed Bug Prevention

There are several bed bud prevention steps that you can take to decrease the odds that these insects will end up invading your home. Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to these pests. While many bed bugs in this college town are hitching rides on students’ used furniture, students aren’t the only ones helping these insects travel.

Before you bring any piece of used furniture into your home, make sure to check any dark crevices; this includes inside mattresses, behind headboards and underneath recliners. It is probably best to not even pick up used furniture – especially if it was discarded on the side of the street – as these pests can be tough to locate even if you look carefully. However, bed bugs can also be brought home from public places by hitching a ride in a bag, briefcase or backpack.

Household Tools

Using an encasement on your mattress and box spring can help create a barrier to prevent a bed bug infestation. While the encasement can become infested, it makes the bed bugs easier to detect. Encasements also help to protect bed bug-free mattresses.

Bed bug interceptors can also help reduce the number of bed buds that reach your mattress. Bed bug interceptors are small plastic trays that sit under bed legs and prevent bed bugs from reaching your bed. They also act as a monitoring tool to determine whether bed bugs are present.

Residential Treatment

We discourage home owners from trying to treat bed bugs themselves. Over-the-counter products are not effective in controlling bed bugs. Bed bugs are amongst the most difficult to eradicate from a home without professional help; they are adept at finding places to hide, repopulate quickly and can fast for long periods of time if needed. Bug bombs – a particularly popular choice – are especially ineffective since they throw insecticides in the air, which have hardly any contact with bed bugs.

No matter how these pests have made their way into your home, make sure to contact Modern Pest Services to solve your bed bug problem. Utilizing professional bed bug control in Boston, Massachusetts is the best way to rid your home of these pesky pests.