Going Batty: Seeking Bat Control in Nashua

Bats are a natural form of pest control, but you do not want these flying critters in your home. You should approach bats with care, and you should always consult a professional for bat control in Nashua New Hampshire.

In most cases, a healthy bat that enters your home is looking for a way to leave. Simply turning off the lights, closing the interior doors, and opening the windows should provide a clear path to freedom. If the bat is injured or behaving erratically, or the problem persists, you should immediately contact Modern Pest Services for bat control inNashua,NH.

You should never handle a bat with your bare hands. If possible, you should avoid touching the bat under any circumstances. Bats can carry and transmit rabies to humans. It is also a good idea to remove any pets from the home while a bat is present.

Bats will occupy attics and other building spaces for breeding and hibernation. Roosting bats will search for a location that is safe and warm. Unfortunately, invading bats will produce large amounts of guano or excrement, and guano can harbor a fungus that is dangerous for humans and other animals.

Bat populations in our area are fragile because the breeding process is relatively slow. Most mature female bats will only produce one pup during the birthing season. If you want to support the local bat populations, you can establish a bat house on your property. These houses provide a safe alternative to your attic, and the bats will target some of the insects in your area.

To avoid bats in your home and other buildings, you can consult an expert in professional bat control in Nashua, New Hampshire. Bats can enter the home through relatively small holes and cracks in the structure’s exterior surfaces. A Modern Pest Services wildlife control professional can help you identify and patch these entry points.

If you are unfamiliar with bats, handling an invasion can be a daunting task. To ensure that your home is properly sealed and protected from existing and potential bat infestations, contact Modern Pest Services at 1-800-323-7378.

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