Bed Bugs Beware: EPA Plans Second National Bed Bug Summit

Bed Bug on Skin

With reports of bed bug activity only increasing throughout the country, especially in major urban centers like NYC where tourism is declining due to fear of bed bugs, it seems only fitting that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently planning their second national bed bug summit scheduled for this winter in Washington D.C.

The goals of last year’s bed bug summit, which drew 300 participants, included encouraging communication among diverse stakeholders and developing recommendations on how to address the problems posed by the bed bug resurgence. These goals were achieved through EPCA-facilitated workgroups that were comprised of pest control professionals, universities, public health organizations as well as federal, state and local government agencies, and others.

The groups were asked to identify the most significant factors contributing to the problem, identify and discuss options and solutions as well as identify their workgroup’s recommendations in these five areas:

  1. Research
  2. Role of Government (all levels)
  3. Consumer Education & Communication
  4. Pest Control Operator (PCO) Education & Training
  5. Role of Property Owners and Managers

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By Melissa Hamel