Five Signs You Have Bats!

bat in handMany folks have strong and possibly even mixed emotions about bats.  Some think they are cute, and beneficial for the environment. Others are terrified of bats and view them as evil, disease-ridden vermin.

As pest management professionals and lover of creatures big and small, we get it. We might even think they are kind of cute, that is, as long as they are not setting up shop in our client’s attics.  We appreciate and understand the bat’s role in nature. We also understand and recognize the destruction and health hazards they can create as an attic tenant.

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Bats can potentially pose a threat to you and your families health, by spreading disease.  Not to mention, creating costly repairs, cleanup, and restoration to your home.  These are the issues that often tend to get many folks rather concerned.

If you suspect you have Bats… check for these signs:

5 Signs You have Bats Infograph

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The Modern Difference

If you are looking for a professional to help you with the task of humanely and effectively managing bats, Modern Pest Services Wildlife professionals are knowledgeable and highly trained on wildlife habits, biology, exclusion techniques, home construction and damage repair.  The Wildlife Team at Modern is committed to resolving your nuisance wildlife issues as quickly, effectively, humanely and safely as possible.

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