How Can Modern Protect your Outdoor Diners from Pests?

Masked server talks with female diner at outdoor restaurant

As a member of the restaurant industry, you know the challenges of keeping your establishment free from pests. Pests like wasps, flies, rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches can cause structural damage and are also detrimental to the health of customers and employees.

With new safety protocols in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), restaurant operators are presented with even more challenges. Outdoor dining is a great option for many restaurants. And in some areas, it’s the only option. But it also means you need pest control more than ever. Modern can help!

Don’t let pests ruin your hard-earned reputation!

The last thing you want is a customer seeing a mouse scurrying across your patio for a dropped fry. Diners who are swinging at flies and being bitten by mosquitoes and stung by wasps aren’t going to remember their experience fondly. And in the age of social media, a bad review can travel fast. When there aren’t as many people going out to eat, you don’t want to lose business to the restaurant down the road with a pest-free dining experience. Contact Modern today and be the place everyone frequents!

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The Modern Solution

Whether it’s fast-food, a brewpub, fine dining, or any other type restaurant, Modern’s ecocare Culinary and Anticimex SMART commercial pest management programs are market-specific and offer on-going, customized, and innovative service solutions designed specifically for your eating establishment.

Our traditional ecocare services cover common pests like stinging insects, mice, rats, flies, mosquitoes, and ants. One of our Client Service Advisors will inspect your location and formulate a custom plan for your business. They will also provide a free site evaluation for Modern’s proprietary Anticimex SMART technology.

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Modern’s ecocare Culinary can be enhanced with the addition of Anticimex SMART. Anticimex SMART is Modern’s proprietary 24/7, environmentally friendly rat and mouse control system that wirelessly monitors your location around the clock and reports the data back to Modern’s offices. The discrete and visually pleasing SMART boxes can be positioned inside or outside of your restaurant. Upgrade to SMART or use it in conjunction with traditional ecocare Culinary. Our experienced team will help you decided what’s best for you.


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