How to Deal with a Wasp Nest

Bald-faced hornets and nest

You see a nest on your property. There are stinging insects flying around it, and you definitely don’t want to get stung. So, what are they, and how can Modern Pest help you get rid of them?

Whose nest is it?

Nests are built by social wasps. The most commonly-found social wasps in New England are paper wasps, yellowjackets, European hornets, and bald-faced hornets (which are actually wasps). You can identify what you have based on their nests:

  • Paper wasps build large, open nests where the combs are clearly visible. They resemble an inverted umbrella. They’re often found in sheltered areas like house eaves. Paper wasps will only attack if they feel threatened.
  • Yellowjacket wasps build papery-looking, covered nests. They’re usually found in enclosed spaces like wall voids or holes in the ground. Yellowjackets are very aggressive, can sting multiple times, and will chase their prey for up to a mile.
  • Bald-faced hornets and European hornets build paper nests, which are often found in tree trunks and wall cavities. They will aggressively defend their nests.

Have you seen an abundance of stinging insects swarming around your property? You might have a nest! Call Modern today at 1-800-323-7378 and have a professional handle this dangerous task!

Wasp Season is HereProtect your home against wasp infestations

While wasps and hornets are an issue for humans all summer, they become the biggest concern from August through October. By then, a colony can contain thousands of wasps or hornets that will aggressively defend their nest from intruders. Their large populations also scavenge for human food at barbecues, campsites, fairs, and other outdoor activities this time of year.

The best time to treat a nest is early in the year when the colony has fewer numbers and the wasps are less aggressive. However, Modern Pest can still disable a nest on your property in late summer and early fall when the colonies are at their peak. Around this time, the last brood of wasps is born. It contains male wasps and next year’s queens. The colony is very protective of them and becomes more aggressive towards anyone who threatens the nest.

The Modern Solution

Removing a wasp nest yourself can be very dangerous, especially if it’s located high up on your home. Modern Pest’s highly-trained Service Professionals are here to help! We have two ways to rid your property of wasp nests:

  • Modern Pest’s Homecare Green program protects against over 50 common household pests, including stinging insects like paper wasps, yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets, and European hornets. Our licensed Service Professionals will come out and disable the nest so that wasps never return to it.
  • Modern also offers a one-time service where we will come out and disable one nest for $249. Each additional nest that is treated at that time is $50. Once a wasp nest is disabled, wasps won’t reuse the same nest.

Don’t risk tackling a wasp nest on your own. Protect yourself and your family from painful and dangerous wasp stings and call Modern today at 1-800-323-7378.