Is Pest Control Part of Your 2021 Budget?

The start of a new year usually means resolutions: get more exercise, read more, eat healthier, and generally improve yourself. For a business, a new year also usually means a new budget, and a new budget is a great way to improve a business. Pest control service with Modern should be a part of your 2021 budget. Read on to find out why, and how Modern Pest can make it fit your budget!

Why Does Your Business Need Pest Control?

Maybe pest control has always been a part of your budget, or perhaps you’ve never had it. So why should pest control be part of your 2021 budget plan?

  • Clients and employees alike don’t want to see pests in your establishment. Whether it’s mice, flies, cockroaches, spiders, or stinging insects, seeing pests implies that the area is unsanitary and possibly a health risk. This can be a deterrent to repeat business.
  • Pests are indeed a health risk. They can present a myriad of health issues to your clients and employees. Sick employees can hinder business and sick clients could mean a lawsuit.
  • Pest can cause costly property damage. Whether they’re contaminating food or medical supplies or chewing through wiring and creating fire hazards, the destruction from pests can be a surprise expense you’re not ready for. And insurance often doesn’t cover these issues.

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Whether you already had pest control or are looking to add it, Modern can help!

  • Modern Pest offers free site evaluations. This inspection by one of our Pest Control Professionals can provide valuable information about what pest issues you have or might have in the future.
  • If you already have pest control with another company, we can still perform a site inspection and discuss where and how we can save you money.
  • If you decide to switch, we offer the Modern Redo. If you’ve had pest control service in the last six months from another company, we’ll redo your service for free! Terms and conditions apply.

Unexpected pest issues can be costly. They can cause heath issues and structural damage. 

  • The Pest Control Professionals at Modern Pest are experts and know what pest pressures to expect and when.
  • Once we’ve inspected your location, we can develop a comprehensive plan that will help you budget pest control expenses for the year.
  • With Modern on the job, you won’t have unexpected issues like a rat infestation or a growing colony of yellowjackets take you by surprise.

Is your pest control budget for 2021 SMART?

Modern’s Anticimex SMART is a paradigm shift in pest control. It’s a revolutionary and intelligent pest control solution that takes care of mouse and rat issues you might not even know you had. But SMART knows and reports back to Modern Pest without you having to lift a finger.

  • Modern’s Anticimex SMART is intelligent pest control that alerts Modern when there’s an issue in your business, even in places you don’t frequent
  • SMART is eco-friendly and operates 24/7, 365 days a year
  • SMART lets you run your business while Modern takes care of the mice and rats

Ignoring a few mice or rats likely means you’re ignoring an entire infestation. This can lead to structural damage like chewed wires, which can result in fires. Don’t let mice and rats overwhelm your business, get SMART!

Call 1-800-323-7378 or click here to schedule a free Anticimex SMART site evaluation today! 

The Modern Solution

Modern Pest offers pest control plans customized to the specific needs of your business. You’ll know ahead of time what your pest control costs for the year will be and you can factor it into your 2021 budget. Don’t be surprised by a costly mouse infestation. Let Modern prevent it to begin with.

Modern Pest offers free site evaluations and estimates. Our Pest Control Professionals will determine the right plan for you and work within your budget. The evaluation alone will provide valuable information about possible areas of concern in your facility and pest issues that could materialize in the future.


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