Modern Pest Services Warns of Flying Squirrels

With the arrival of summer, so too comes the arrival of several species of nuisance wildlife. Modern Pest Services would like to caution homeowners about flying squirrels.

“If you are hearing a lot of running around in your attic, you may have a problem with flying squirrels.” said Mike Gaumont, Wildlife Manager at Modern Pest Services. These nocturnal creatures usually live in colonies and are a common problem in New England during the summer months.

Flying squirrel basics
Flying squirrels have a relatively small body measuring around 3 to 5 inches in length, and have very large eyes. Their bodies can be compared to those of chipmunks, but their lifestyles are more similar to birds. Contrary to their name, they don’t actually fly, but they do have a parachute-like membrane that stretches from their wrist to their ankle, which allows them to glide between trees and homes.

Like birds, flying squirrels often build nests and live in communities with several others. When it comes to homes, flying squirrels commonly build their nests around mounds of insulation found in attics. The size of their nests range from a foot to a foot and a half high, but can be as big as four to five feet high.

Flying squirrels can be a nuisance
Considered a major nuisance to homeowners because of the nests they build and the noises they create, flying squirrels can fit through a one half inch gap found in entry points, dormers, flashing areas, gables, vents, stink pipes, sockets, sill plates, and dryer vents. Even worse is that they will designate a “bathroom” location for the entire group which can create an odor that is difficult to eliminate. They are also known to chew on wires.

“In order to prevent the arrival of flying squirrels, seal off any vents or openings you find that are three eighths of an inch or larger. However, if you think you have flying squirrels in your home, don’t seal off anything. You don’t want to trap these rodents inside. In this case, it’s best to contact a pest management professional,” said Mike Gaumont.

If you’re having issues with flying squirrels or other nuisance wildlife, contact the pros at Modern Pest Services at 1-800-323-7378.