Mosquitoes Are Back: Prevention And Treatment Options

As the temperatures continue to climb in the Northeast and the summer season draws near, many are mapping out their summer activities. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, or just relaxing on the deck or in your backyard, you’re probably aware of how mosquitoes can quickly ruin your outdoor fun. With thousands of mosquitoes developing from eggs, to larvae and then to adults within just 7 days, it feels like an endless battle when you find yourself the target of these hungry pests. And some mosquitoes carry disease. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help prevent mosquitoes from taking over your yard.

Mosquitoes Lay Eggs in Water
Mosquitoes lay eggs in still, standing water and even a teaspoon of water is enough for these pests to breed. That’s why it’s important to remove water from items around your home and prevent standing water from accumulating in the first place.  By taking a good, hard look at your yard, particularly after rainy weather, you’re likely to recognize all sorts of damp or wet “hot spots” where they could potentially breed.

Remove water from these types of items:

  • buckets, pails and watering cans
  • flower pots
  • candles and candle holders
  • pet dishes
  • children’s toys
  • ashtrays

Store these types of items indoors when not in use, change water in them and/or turn them over

  • birdbaths
  • fountains
  • wading/kiddie pools
  • canoes
  • wheel barrels and garden carts
  • wagons

Other considerations for preventing mosquito breeding sites:

  • get rid of old tires, unused or broken toys and trash items in your yard that may collect water
  • tighten up sagging tarps harboring small “water puddles” that are covering outdoor items such as wood piles, boats, pools, patio furniture, air conditioners and outdoor grills
  • clean gutters of water, leaves and debris
  • fix leaky outdoor faucets
  • redirect water so that it flows away from your home and property
  • fill in any stagnant water sources with soil
  • keep lids on rain barrels and trash cans
  • don’t overwater your lawns/gardens

Modern’s Solution To Treat For Mosquitoes
The truth is that sometimes preventative measures alone are not enough to combat over zealous mosquitoes, which is why we’ve developed an effective mosquito control program to limit your family’s exposure to these annoying pests. Our monthly program (May through September) includes inspection and treatment applications and provides a significant reduction in mosquito populations.

Mosquitoes don’t have to cause you frustration this summer season. With some careful prevention and effective treatment options, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors with less mosquitoes and mosquito bites.

To learn more about our mosquito control program or other pest services, contact us today at 1-800-323-7378. And now you can get $25 off your mosquito control program!