New England Holidays May Bring Pest Problems

Holiday Pests Problems In New England
The holidays in New England bring a host of potential pest problems.

There are so many reasons to look forward to the holidays in New England. This is the time of year when people are breaking out their favorite recipes, retrieving decorations from the attic or basement, and even boarding a plane to visit family and friends. As exciting as this all is, there are some concerns to consider in regard to pest issues during the holiday season in the northern states. Some of the common pests you may encounter in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts inlcude:

  • Pantry pests in your holiday baking supplies
  • Insects and rodents in your holiday decorations
  • Bed bug encounters during your yuletide travels

The good news is that despite these pests and their desire to spend the holiday season with you, there are many ways that you can reduce the risk of an infestation in your home. Following these tips will help you avoid pest problems during the holidays.

  • Clean – Deep clean your kitchen by removing built up debris, tossing any food items past their dates and storing all open food in airtight containers. Removing debris and keeping food off limits to insects and rodents you will reduce the risk of a rodent infestation. And by checking all of your pantry items you can help to spot pantry pests before they land in your holiday pie. Don’t forget about the food you bring inside as well, always inspect packages at the grocery store and do not purchase items with damaged packaging, as they are more likely to contain pantry pests.
  • Organize – Organize the storage spaces in your home including the attic, garage and crawl space. By removing clutter you are automatically reducing the risk of a rodents, spiders and other pests from hiding out and/or causing damage to your belongings and even to the structure of your home.
  • Observe – When traveling, you need to be observant about bed bugs. These pests are sure to be lurking and could latch onto your luggage or clothing and easily hitchhike back to your home after the holidays. Refer to our previous blog, 7 Ways to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Vacation so that you can avoid bringing home bed bugs during your holiday travels.

Keep in mind that while these tips will certainly help reduce the threat of pests this holiday season, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be pest free. If pantry pests, rodents, bed bugs or any other uninvited pests try to sneak into your Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts home for the holidays, be sure to contact Modern Pest Services right away. The New England pest control pros will help eliminate your current pest problems and prevent future infestations.