What’s That Smell? Removing Skunk Odor

You let your dog out one fine evening only to hear him start barking ferociously soon after.  You go to investigate, and you are immediately struck with a wall of the most offensive of odors.  An odor so foul, it has been described by some as a combination of burnt rubber, gasoline, and onion all mixed together.  An odor that can only be caused by one culprit… the skunk!

As Wildlife Control Experts, who have had many encounters with skunks, we are always getting the questionWhat can I do to get rid of that skunk smell“?  There are a lot of old recipes and remedies out there, and many of them simply don’t work.

So to save yourself some time and the hassle of also cleaning up tomato soup, we created this handy little infographic for you.

Remove Skunk Odor Infographic

The Modern Difference

Modern Pest Services specializes and focuses on the humane removal of nuisance wildlife, clean up, repair, as well as, complete prevention services for your home or business.   Attempting to remove animals on your own could cause costly damage to your home and result in injury – not to mention the stress of getting sprayed.

Most wildlife such as squirrels and skunks are removed by the placement of traps, the placement of these traps is critical to effectively removing the animal humanely and in a timely manner. Please don’t try it yourself, contact a Modern Wildlife Professional.