Renters and Pest Control

Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you won’t have pest issues. You might see evidence of mice in the cabinets, ants on the counters, or cockroaches in the bathroom. You want them gone, but whose responsibility is it? Yours, or your landlord’s? Read on to find out more. Either way, Modern Pest is here to help get rid of the pests!

Why is Pest Control Important?

Besides just being annoying, pests can cause structural damage to a building and dangerous health issues for humans and pets. Preventative pest control from Modern Pest is the best way to alleviate a surprise pest issue like a mouse or rat infestation or nest of yellow jackets. When landlords keep ahead of pest issues, they protect their investment AND their tenants.

When landlords don’t have professional year-round pest control, they risk an emergency situation like a midnight call from tenants who’ve spotted roaches in the tub. Or a report from a contractor that they’re spotted carpenter ants and significant structural damage. These unwelcome surprises can be costly and inconvenient. But they can be avoided by calling Modern Pest today!

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Who is Responsible for Pest Control in a Rental Unit?

We have used the tenant screening service Rent Prep as a resource for this blog. They contacted Avvo, an online marketplace for legal services, for advice about tenants and pest control. However, this blog is meant as a guide. Laws vary by state. Please contact a lawyer if you have issues with a tenant or landlord and pest control.

  • Landlords are usually responsible for infestations and keeping pests away. They will both schedule and pay for it.
  • Most pest control companies will only deal with the owner or manager of the building when contracting for pest control.
  • Most leases will contain a clause that states, “The landlord is delivering the unit in good condition and is responsible for pest control.” However, in cases where a tenant’s living conditions have contributed to or caused the pest problem, the tenant might be responsible for pest control. The landlord would need to prove the tenant caused the infestation.
    • For example, if a tenant fails to take their trash out and it accumulates in the unit, that could attract mice. This could make the tenant responsible for paying for pest control.
    • Conversely, if a tenant has a mouse issue caused by access points in the unit that a landlord hasn’t fixed, then pest control expenses could fall on the landlord.
  • Responsibility can also vary by pest. For example, landlords have an obligation to keep a warranty of habitability. Having termites could violate this warranty and would be the landlord’s responsibility to treat.

Keep Proper Documentation

It’s important that both tenants and landlords keep detailed documentation of the pest issue and conditions that could have caused it. Tenants might even be able to withhold rent if they’ve given written notice to the landlord and the issue hasn’t been addressed in a certain amount of time (depending on the state).

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The Modern Solution

Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, Modern can help your pest situation. Don’t jeopardize your safety or the safety of your tenants and building. A pest sighting can quickly turn into an infestation if it’s ignored. Call Modern today or encourage your landlord to do so. No one should live amongst pests and the dangerous issues they bring.