Squirrels Are Entering New England Homes

Squirrel Found in Maine
Squirrels can cause damage to New England homes which is why it is important to squirrel proof the home.

Who doesn’t want to be inside a nice warm home with the holidays and winter season arriving? Squirrels are no exception and these pests are finding sneaky ways to get into New England homes so they can build a warm nest and find plenty of food to survive the cold winter. Red squirrels, grey squirrels, and flying squirrels are all species you may encounter on your property or in your home, especially in your attic.

The trouble with squirrels is that they can really wreak havoc in homes and they’re a hard pest to get rid of. Problems associated with squirrels in the attic and elsewhere in the home include:

  • Damage to the siding, soffits and gutters of your home due to squirrels chewing their way in.
  • Damage to personal items and building materials (wood, insulation) as well as the structure resulting in potential loss and expensive repairs
  • Risk of fire when they chew on wires and other electrical equipment.

While they may tease your pets and run around the property looking innocent, it’s important to know that they’ll be searching for ways to get into your home and if you’re not prepared to prevent squirrels from entering, you could be housing some unwanted winter guests. What to do?

  1. Inspect the exterior of the home for any cracks, holes or other openings and seal with with caulking or durable screens that will prevent squirrels from gaining access.
  2. Make sure that any screens in windows and doors with holes or tears are replaced.
  3. Consider cutting down trees or branches that touch or cover part of your home to help eliminate easy access for squirrels to enter your home
  4. If you have siding or other structures on the exterior of the home that are rotting, deteriorating or otherwise not in the best shape, make sure to have these spots repaired or replaced. Squirrels can easily chew through rotting wood and other materials that isn’t secure.
  5. Keep your storage spaces inside organized and clean which will make it harder for squirrels to find a place to nest.

By making your home less inviting and even blocked off from squirrels, you’ll really help to reduce the chances of hosting them this winter. But remember, if you’ve spotted a squirrel in your home in Maine, Massachusetts or New Hampshire, contact Modern Pest Services right away! Our Wildlife team can help you quickly and safely get rid of squirrels and prevent costly damages and other threats to your home and family.

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