The Birds: How to Avoid a Hitchcock Movie Re-enactment at Your Home or Business

In the great wide world of pests, birds are a special category because of special regulations concerning them. Birds can be a concern in residences when they gain entry into homes through eaves or other openings. Sometimes they can even be a pest while remaining outside the home. One customer was plagued by a woodpecker who was beating a mating call on the top of the grill. (Modern solved the problem and we do hope that Woody eventually found a suitable gal.) Another customer was facing a bird problem in a housing development built around a pond. The birds enjoyed resting on ridgelines and left behind acidic droppings that are damaging to shingles.

Usually, though, birds are a bigger problem for commercial buildings. Commercial customers may be faced with birds nesting in inappropriate areas, gaining entry through doors that open often, or seeking food. But whether it’s seagulls who do the swoop-and-grab at eateries with outdoor seating or pigeons leaving their calling card on the heads of unsuspecting customers, Modern knows how to solve the problem.  Modern pros draw on their knowledge of audio, visual, and physical deterrents to create an environment free of the hazards and annoyances that birds can pose.

Why do I need a professional to put up some netting or stick an owl on my roof?

Modern Pest Services’ Wildlife Control service professionals are trained to look for telltale signs so they can quickly identify the types of birds and use proven industry techniques to keep them out of your home or commercial building. Also, their expertise goes beyond identification–they know the habits of birds, or even of specific species, so they can “think like the bird” and develop an effective strategy. Modern pros also are well versed in federal regulations regarding birds.

Modern also knows how to preserve the aesthetics of your home or business by choosing appropriate products and installing them in such a way that they are often not detectable by the general public. Homeowners can rest assured that their flower gardens will remain the focal point of passersby, and commercial customers can be confident that their customers notice what is written on their signs and displayed in their windows, not the materials used to keep birds from being a nuisance.

(By the way, a stationary owl will fool birds for only a few days; birds quickly figure out that an owl that doesn’t move isn’t a threat to them. Perhaps “birdbrain” is not an insult after all!)

Also, did you know that the Migratory Bird Treaty protects all birds except for species that are considered invasive (such as the pigeon and sparrow)? The nests of protected birds cannot be disturbed when eggs or chicks are present. It is also not legal to trap and relocate these birds. Modern Wildlife service professionals diligently follow the law when solving a bird problem, ensuring that pest solutions do not endanger protected species.

Do you have other pest problems?  Visit our blog for information on keeping wildlife out of your home.

So the next time you hear fluttering wings in your chimney or have to yet again clean off unsightly droppings from the sidewalk in front of your store’s entrance, give Modern a call.