Middletown, Connecticut is a city located along the Connecticut River in the center of the state and 16 miles south of Hartford. It’s the southernmost city out of the area known as the Hartford-Springfield Knowledge Corridor Metropolitan Region. It became a town for English settlers in 1650 under its Native American name Mattabeseck, until it was renamed in 1653. Middletown was originally home to the Mattabeck Native Americans, part of the Algongquian-speaking tribes, before becoming an industrial center and sailing port as a colonial settlement.

The blend of rural, suburban, and urban spaces provide plenty of options for residents to choose their ideal home setting. Middletown boasts an historic downtown, plenty of shopping and dining choices, along with large parks for anyone who wishes to spend time outside in nature. Today, Middletown is largely residential and a flourishing college town for Wesleyan University.

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Weather Patterns that Encourage Pest Activity

Middletown’s moderate climate features warm and pleasant summers and cold, snowy winters. The area gets plenty of precipitation, with higher amounts of rain and snow than the national average. The favorable weather with changing seasons, combined with the diverse landscape, makes it a perfect home for pest activity.

Insect and rodent populations multiply quickly during the spring, summer, and fall months when food and water are plentiful. Plummeting temperatures then drive these pests inside to seek out shelter and other resources. Middletown residents can protect their homes and businesses from infestations by investing in expert pest control.

When to Call a Middletown, CT Exterminator

You should act quickly if you notice any signs that pests are present. It’s easier to eradicate an infestation if you spot it early. Some of the signs to look for are:

  • Droppings
  • Sightings of bugs or mice
  • Blood spots, grease marks, or tracks
  • Nests
  • Strange odors or sounds
  • Holes and gnaw marks

Each type of pest causes different types of damage and poses unique risks. Here is a list of some of the pests you should watch out for:

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