Asian Lady Beetle (Ladybug) Invasion!

lady bugs

(They’re not so cute when there are hundreds in your window!)

It’s a cool but sunny September afternoon. You are sitting by the sunny window, enjoying a cup of pumpkin spice coffee.  As you glance out the window to admire the foliage, you notice reddish orange movement at the window. Whoa, wait… There is a lot more orange around that window casing then there should be! Lady Beetles… also known as Ladybugs and swarms are invading your home.

ladybug on leafladybugAsian Lady Beetles were introduced into the U.S. starting in the 1960’s to control agricultural pests because they are a natural predator of aphids and many other agricultural pests. So truthfully, they really are a good bug to have around.  However, when Ladybugs decide to invade your home by the hundreds to ride out the cold winter, they can become a huge nuisance. Not to mention the stink!  Lady Beetles can secrete a foul-smelling yellowish fluid from their leg joints when disturbed – ick!

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Home Invasion

ladybug swarm over the treeAs you might have guessed or even experienced, Asian Lady Beetles seek protected places to spend the winter, as autumn approaches. In nature, this would be inside trees and under rocks. However, they also tend to congregate on the sunny, southwest facing sides of buildings, moving into crevices and protected places. As a result, they can sneak in through tiny gaps in windows, door frames, siding, and soffits. Once inside, they may get into wall voids, light fixtures, attics, suspended ceilings and more.

The good news is Ladybugs do not pose a serious threat to your health or home. Aside from the aforementioned stink, it is suggested that infestations may cause allergies in some, such as asthma or eye irritation. The real issue for many becomes the sheer numbers of ladybugs entering your home. For most, it is beyond just a nuisance.  It’s simply overwhelming and… erm, disgusting.

What to do?

Prevention – If you are already in the midst of an infestation the best course of action is to reach for the vacuum to tackle the swarms already inside. But preventing them from entering in the first place, is always the best course of action. Sealing cracks and crevices, repairing damaged screens, installing screens behind vents and the like will go a long way in keeping ladybugs out.

Treatment – Because it may be difficult to find and gain access to every tiny crack there is around your home, following up with an exterior treatment from a licensed pest control company, is a great way to create a protective barrier around your home.  The treatments are targeted to prevent entry around common access points, such as the eaves, windows, soffits, attic vents, etc. However, the timing of this treatment is also critical.  Too soon and the material will break down before it can stop ladybugs from entering. Too late and they will have already snuck in.  Late summer to early fall, depending on seasonal conditions will often be the best time to treat.

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The Modern Difference

It’s easy to overlook the little things, so tackling an insect invasion, like the Asian Lady Beetle, on your own is not always possible or realistic. That’s just one of the reasons why partnering with a pest control company like Modern Pest Services could prove beneficial. Our trained Service Professionals have the knowledge required to zero in on anything that could attract unwanted critters and they understand the preventative measures necessary in order to help keep your home pest-free.

Pest concerns change with the seasons, which is why our HomeCare Green program has been designed to target specific pests based on the time of year. HomeCare Green offers year-round protection against 60 different household pests – guaranteed!

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