Located between Bridgeport and New Haven, Milford, Connecticut is a small coastal city featuring 17 miles of natural coastline and a historic downtown district with quality restaurants and shopping. Milford is a popular weekend destination for those seeking a serene respite from city life, but slightly over 50,000 residents are lucky enough to call it their home — and at Modern Pest Services, we feel lucky to be able to provide Milford citizens with the services they need to keep their home and business environments pest-free.

With decades of local pest control and several industry awards under our belt, we understand the challenges involved in dealing with specific regional pests, the nuances of the local ecosystem, seasonal pest trends, and the intricate interplay between household pests and their surroundings. We use this knowledge to craft effective, environmentally conscious strategies that not only eliminate the immediate problem, but also provide long-term solutions to prevent future infestations.

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Milford residents enjoy a classic four-season climate, and each season brings its own unique pest problems. Insects such as ants and cockroaches start stirring when spring rains and rising temperatures tempt them out of hibernation mode. Mosquitoes wait for the warmer temps of spring and summer to set in before wreaking their havoc. Autumn usually brings rodent pests seeking indoor accommodations where they can pass the winters in relative warmth and ease while raising their litters.

Our experienced technicians at Modern Pest Services understand these seasonal fluctuations and know how to deal with them. These are some of the pests we see the most often in Milford:

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Modern Pest Services takes a comprehensive approach to keeping homes and businesses pest-free. Simply eradicating pest populations after they arise isn’t enough — we also believe in taking a big picture strategy designed to keep future issues from occurring in the first place. At your initial appointment, we’ll evaluate your household or business to determine what pests are present, the level of infestation, and the areas of vulnerability that are contributing to the problem. From there, we’ll customize an integrated pest management strategy that targets your specific pest issues, while also keeping safety in mind and minimizing disruption to your daily household or business activities and operations.

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