Connecticut’s third-largest city, New Haven is situated along the Long Island Sound. One of the country’s first planned cities, it’s famous for Victorian architecture, Yale University, and its diverse culinary scene. The youthful city boasts varied attractions to appeal to all tastes. The New Haven Museum takes visitors on a journey through the city’s past, and younger members of the family can have fun at Connecticut Children’s Museum and the natural history-focused Peabody Museum. Yale University Art Gallery, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, and Kehler Liddell Gallery are sure to capture the interest of art lovers, while Shubert Theater offers a diverse program to please fans of the performing arts. For offbeat experiences, tour the crypt at Center Church-on-the-Green to see the final resting places of some of New England’s earliest inhabitants and visit the grave of the ill-fated Midnight Mary at Evergreen Cemetery.

Approximately 20% of the city is made up of open green spaces, providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy fresh air and nature. Unfortunately, New Haven’s stretches of greenery attract pests as well as people, providing the ideal environment for bugs and rodents to flourish. Such pests can quickly lead to problems in your New Haven home or business without effective prevention and management. That’s where a New Haven pest control expert can help. The experts at Modern Pest Services have the years of experience, local understanding, and efficient methods necessary for resolving pest control issues in New Haven County.

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Landscapes and Weather in New Haven Encourage Pests

New Haven’s abundant nature and humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers provide the prime conditions for pests to thrive. Fortunately, an expert New Haven exterminator will use their local knowhow to tackle specific problems. They’ll know which nuisances are nocturnal and which to look out for during the daylight. Experts know when pests are most problematic in the area. For example, while ants, wasps and bats are primarily summer issues, ticks are most prevalent March through June. The colder winter months often make rats and bugs seek warmth and food indoors — which can mean in your property. New Haven pest control experts know the best methods to effectively rid your home or business of diverse pests. Although far from conclusive, common pests in New Haven, CT, include:

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With sustainable practices, minimally invasive treatments, and vital local knowledge, Modern Pest Services is a leading New Haven pest control provider. The expert team provides effective and efficient pest control solutions to protect your home or business while taking into account your specific situation. The company also monitors pest activity and advises on proven prevention plans. Contact Modern Pest Services in New Haven, CT, for your pest control issues. Call the knowledgeable team for more information at 800-323-7378.