The town of Brookline, Massachusetts can trace its modern origins back to early 17th-century European immigrants who decided to settle in a stretch of land bordered by two brooks to the north and south. Since then, Brookline residents have fought to retain the town’s independence and uniqueness. Throughout the 19th century, locals won against multiple annexation attempts by Boston even as the neighboring towns of Brighton, Roxbury, West Roxbury and Hyde Park joined the larger city. Today, Brookline is among the few places in Massachusetts with a town government run by a Town Administrator and over 240 town meeting members.

Brookline is home to professionals working within the town and in nearby Boston. Locals and tourists can enjoy a tour of John F. Kennedy’s childhood home or take peaceful strolls in one of the town’s landscaped parks. The town also has quality transportation, education, and commercial amenities.

Brookline is a dream come true for people interested in comfortable communities. However, the town’s growing population and expansive green spaces have increased pest populations. Contracting a Brookline pest control company with thorough knowledge of common pests in the area is the best way of forestalling an infestation.

Modern Pest Services has years of experience providing quality pest control for homes and commercial properties all over New England. Our Brookline exterminator services ensure a pest infestation doesn’t disrupt your life in this idyllic town.

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Common Pests in Brookline, Massachusetts

Brookline has a significant rodent problem, mainly due to its proximity to Boston, a city with infamous rat problems. Rats are destructive creatures capable of creating severe problems in your building’s structure. They also like chewing on food, garbage, wood, and wiring in electronics and cars. Rats may find their way into homes, offices, restaurants and audited facilities whose occupants don’t adhere to proper waste disposal practices.

Our work as trusted Brookline exterminators has brought us into contact with these pests and more:


Quality Brookline Pest Control Services

Modern Pest Services offers trusted Brookline exterminator services. We monitor pest populations in Brookline and use targeted pest control applications that minimally affect homes and commercial spaces. Our year-round Brookline pest control services keep your property free of pests that emerge any time of year.

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