The Fenway and Kenmore area of Boston is commonly known as the home of the Red Sox and Fenway Park. The neighborhood has 22 educational institutions, including America’s first public school and nine higher learning centers, that show its impeccable academic presence. It is home to part of the famous Boston University, Berklee College of Music, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts College of Art, and New England School of Photography. Composed of the East and West Fenway, the neighborhood also entertains its people as they can enjoy time in the lively bars and clubs around. Tourists and locals alike can learn from the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Since the neighborhood is home to many students and is a cultural hub, it has several hotels, restaurants, and bars. Many students reside in dorms, which make up the highest percentage of all residential buildings on Beacon Street, the Audubon Circle Area, and Commonwealth Ave. The high population of students and many restaurants can attract pests.

These crowded spaces with large amounts of trash are highly prone to bug, mice, and rat infestations. Any pest infestation requires professional exterminators from Modern Pest Services in Fenway-Kenmore, Boston, MA. The experts have the skills and know-how to perform quality pest and termite inspections and provide treatment.

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Weather Conditions in Fenway-Kenmore, Boston, MA, that Cause Pest Infestations

Boston, home to the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood, has alternating weather patterns that can attract and make pest infestation thrive. The warmer months cause pests to increase as they feed more. In summer, pests bother and bite people more, causing diseases and pain. In winter, bugs, mice, and roaches look for warm places in dorms, hotels, and restaurants. They thrive in warm areas with food and water. It is wise to get an exterminator for ant, bedbug, and termite inspections.

The expert can also kill identified pests once you notice their presence in your home or business to promote health and hygiene. If you delay calling a pest control expert, the termites, bugs, rats, and mice multiply, becoming a nuisance that can take a long time to deal with.

Qualified exterminators in Fenway-Kenmore, Boston, MA, can handle or exterminate a spectrum of pests, including:

Effective Ways of Controlling Pests in Suffolk County

Pest prevention is a vital measure that home and business owners should undertake to prevent all types of annoying pests. It’s wise to hire pest control experts for termite inspections and to control the bugs, cockroaches, mice, and rats from making a home in your house.

Modern Pest uses diverse techniques to eliminate or prevent specific pests. For instance, experts in the Fenway_Kenmore, Boston, MA, company use Anticimex SMART technology to control mice and the total home exclusion method for unwanted pests. They can also perform extensive termite inspections in crawl spaces, basements, and the attic.

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