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While the villages of Newton, Westin, Needham and surrounding areas, are relatively urban, residents and visitors are no strangers to all manner of pests that inhabit the area. Carpenter ants, mosquitos, roaches and rodents are a few of the nuisances that require pest control in Newton, Massachusetts.

Pests Common to this Area

Notably, ordinary field mice that opportunistically move from outdoor nests into homes can carry human-communicable diseases such as Hantavirus, salmonella, and others that are often passed through contact with feces or urine. Mice frequently also harbor parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites that themselves act as vectors for such common diseases as Lyme disease and typhus. In past centuries, rodent-borne parasites have been responsible for millions of deaths from mass outbreaks of Yersinia pestis, otherwise known as the plague. Furthermore, although shy and evasive, mice may bite if cornered and infect humans with so-called rat-bite fever, which actually can be transmitted by rodents other than rats.

Homeowners concerned about the health and sanitation risks of uncontrolled mice infestations are wise to seek expert assistance for mice control. Newton, MA, residents rely on Modern Pest Services to safely remove mice in a manner consistent with all state laws and local regulations and to provide advice on cost-effective procedures for avoiding re-infestation. Our HomeCare Green Program addresses 60 common pests; Modern offers additional treatment plans for bed bugs, termites, mosquitos, and ticks.

The Modern Solution

Modern Pest Services can also address other typical invasions from the natural world. Understandably, cockroach control for Newton, MA, residents is a common concern. Prone to crawling all over exposed food when humans are not looking and otherwise spreading filth over exposed food-handling surfaces, this ancient survivor possesses an incredible ability to scuttle into the tiniest cracks and to breed endlessly on rancid crumbs and greasy scraps. Given the inherent difficulty of eradicating hardy and often pesticide-resistant cockroaches, especially in older homes with many hiding spaces, professional help is a must.

Another problem for many Newton residents is destructive carpenter ants and termites that slowly damage wooden beams that hold up houses and other wood-framed buildings. Carpenter ants are among the largest species of ants and can grow up to half an inch long. They use their large mandibles to cut through wood, but don’t eat the wood like termites do. Carpenter ants hollow out wooden beams and structures to nest inside them, making the structure of your home weak. Handling ant control in Newton, MA, and the surrounding metropolitan areas is another specialty of Modern Pest Services. Other wildlife such as bats, squirrels and groundhogs can cause damage to structures and landscaping. Modern Pest Services can deal with these animals in a humane, yet effective manner.

Contact Modern Pest Services in Newton, MA to handle all of your residential pest control problems.

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